Fresh install of Asterisk 13 and FreePBX12, phone wont register using pjsip

Like the title says, this is running on Ubuntu 14.04, created an extension, and my phone just keeps failing to register, port is 5060, DTMF is RFC 4733

You’ll need to post some debugging logs to help us out 8)

Not sure what happened, but I changed the driver to CHAN_SIP, changed ports on phone, it registered eventually, then I changed back to PJSIP, changed ports on phone back to 5060, and it registered. Strange.

Ok, I believe my phone which is a Xorcom (rebadged Yealink) won’t register with TCP, if I select TCP in the phone transport settings, it won’t register, but UDP works fine. I’ve made sure to set the extension to TCP as well, still no go. When I hovered over the “tooltip” message for transport under the phone, it says that TCP, TLS/SSL is encrypted.