Fresh Install of 2.210.62-2 -- not enough RAM. Bypass?

Hello, I’ve been using a previous version of FreePBX (1.817.210.58-1) for a while now on a very low-end machine with excellent results. (450MHz, 320MB of RAM) The install has lasted a couple of years or so and never had any major issues.

I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to 2.210.62-2, but when I attempt to do a fresh install I get a message telling me that there is not enough RAM to install CentOS 6. It occurs immediately after selecting the install method. I understand that CentOS 6 recommends >1GB but I feel it really shouldn’t be necessary for my purposes.

Does anyone have any experience with bypassing this requirement in FreePBX distro? Any help would be appreciated.

A poor choice to bypass that in my opinion. From tyhe "sources mouth"

specifically Section 4 :-

The installer needs at least 392MB of memory to work. Text mode will automatically be used if the system has less than 652MB of memory.

DFWWW stay with 5;)

I would never try to run a Centos 6 with less then 1 GB of ram. It was not designed for it and will not work with the memory you have. Sorry. We actually recommend and only use 2Gb or more