Fresh install freepbx 3.211

I just ran the cd and installed freePbx 3.211 with asterisk 11

I’m having a problem loading gnome desktop
When i type init 5 i get the following error

A problem occurred while reading the file /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua
Error loading included /etc/asterisk/prosody_additional.conf:
/etc/asterisk/prosody_additional.conf: no such file or directory

i installed gnome with yum command then checked Package Prosody 0.8.2-64bit already installed and latest version

I check gnome-about --gnome version and get
runtime error could not open display

Has anyone had this problem before?
whith the previous distro i dont recall anything about
prosody?? or having to configure it

Prosody has nothing to do with Gnome and is a XMPP chat server.

I just found out its a module available with asterisk 11
so does not sound like major issue at this time