Fresh install and 'App Memory' usage

You guys make great software, but why not test on different virtual environments? It’s like building an electric car that can’t drive on public streets.

I started another thread on the subject and since I did several testing :
Freepbx distro : issue is here
AsteriskNow 32 and 64 bit : issue is here.
testing on a PE1950 Dell with raid 1 SAS disk.
ESXi 5.5

then I tried on an old PE860 with 2 SSD in Raid 1.
exact same ESXi 5.5
Asterisk now distro is fine with no App memory going crazy with
the web interface becoming way too slow.

Something might be going wrong with some hardware ? difficult to say.

Would be nice to find a way to dig …


Ok I found the issue. it’s vmware related.
If you have too many guests running, for which total memory is more than the host then the memory allocation is a little screwed up. so fixing the the memory allocation to a specific number makes a reservation and the dynamic balloon stuff will no longer mess up the Centos box.

you can even try with 1GB only for the FBX Guest and make the 1GB reservation. it’s enough.

Thanks Vince62s! My ESXi virtual machines were over allocated for memory on this server. I have re-allocated memory on each virtual machine. Will let you know if it also resolves issue for us.

I can confirm that over allocation of virtual memory in esxi was what was causing the slow downs, and high App Memory usage reporting in the FreePBX status screen. Thanks again Vince62.