FrePBX 13. Modules are not updated - ErrorException

Good afternoon!

FrePBX, Asterisk Version 14.7.6, PHP Version 5.4.16

Until recently, modules were updated without errors.

Now, in the Мodule Admin, when you click the button Check Online, the following error message appears: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

Where could be the problem? Please tell me.

If that’s the only issue with the system, then it’s not critical. Fpbx 13 is EOL and won’t be getting any more updates. You should have a plan to move to version 16.

Yes, this problem is not critical, but version 15 also has it. Is this problem fixed in version 16?

Yeah someone messed up a module.xml so this will affect any version that has the bad module.xml. something likely has a double entry on description. Bad copy and paste somewhere.

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