French language sounds, from france

Hi guys!

I need to install french language files on freepbx 13. I have allready installed french language on the gui, but users doesn’t like French sounds of Quebeq. Any suggestion for installing French sounds of France?

I will really apreciate your help. Thanks!!

Thanks! I will consider ordering it.

Anyway, is there any free sounds?



It’s mutual… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(just replace French sounds from Québec by French sounds from France…)

I don’t think anyone likes to hear something not in her or his accent (except maybe for TV programs and movies produced abroad…) from a phone system, a car, etc…

Mind you June Wallack has a lovely voice in both French and English…

(She’s the person who does the Canadian French voice…) might be a good starting point…

Bonne journée!


PS: At work I hear about 7 different French accents every day and it doesn’t bug me one bit… It’s more when a company produces a product and doesn’t bother to localize it that it bugs me…

Yes! I like the different “music” types of the languages, but as you say, that’s beacause commercial reasons.

Thanks anyway for the link! ;). Regards.