FreeSwitch (Fusion) to Asterisk (FreePBX) SIP Trunk Connection

My SIP provider uses Fusion (FreeSwitch) PBX to deliver a trunk to my FreePBX. From time to time we can’t receive calls but can make them. My provider is telling me that the FreePBX has lost registration. So, I have connected a SPA122 to his switch and there doesn’t seem to be any issues; I’m running analog phones off the SPA122; the FreePBX isn’t doing any call processing - though I do have a Sagoma FXO / FXS card that I can connect the line 1 port of the SPA to the FreePBX. The SPA has remained connected - no one way calling. Both the FreePBX and the SPA122 are on the same network and behind the same router. Ultimately I’d like to terminate the SIP trunk onto the FreePBX.

Are there any “special” configuration changes I need to make on my FreePBX to allow for a SIP trunk from a Fusion machine to connect and remain connected? My provider is telling me that they are delivering SIP trunk to many FreePBX’s and mine is the only one that seems to occasionally go off line. My ISP is and I’m using a dynamic IP address though it hasn’t changed in a very long time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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