FreeSwitch and Barracuda-Are the rumors true

So after hearing rumors of FreeSWITCh acquiring FreeSWITCH I decided to do some digging and see what I could find. Please see for the whole story.

The rumors are wrong.Anthony Minessale, the project leader, is working at Barracuda, that’s the only right thing.

See this recent interview sample :

Anthony :

“All the rumors that Barracuda Networks has acquired FreeSWITCH are false. I do work for Barracuda Networks. I accepted a position at their company some time ago. They are interested in FreeSWITCH but they have not acquired anything other than some of my time. I chose Barracuda as an employer because they are very tolerant to open source developers understanding the need to keep the project alive and the code free. Again, the only true portion of this rumor is that I am indeed employed by Barracuda.”