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Hi Philippe, since the upgdate to FreePBX 2.3.0 beta1 and up to RC1, I’ve been having some problems.

The first and more important is that I have problems with the outbound routing. I use each of my trunks in 6 outbound routes, but in the trunks section, each trunks says that it is being used by 2 routes, not by 6. And the problem is that I can’t make more than one outbound call at the same time. After the first call is made, the rest of the attempts we make, just give a busy tone on the phones (I don’t get the “all circuits are busy” message).

The second issue is that the Reports are no longer updating. The last call on my records, is the last call before the updates. After the first update to beta1, no more calls were logged on the report.

Please help me out with this.

Best regards,

sounds like you may have upgraded more than FreePBX. The CDR issue is usually not having asterisk addons in your asterisk build. Alternatively, check you mysql conf file.

As far as trunks, without seeing the details of a config, it’s really hard to say what may be up. Check or redo your trunks in your routes and make sure that you trunks have the proper number of channels configured per trun on the trunk page.