FreePBX® 2.2.2 Maintenance Release

It has been a few months since we released the last maintenance release, FreePBX® 2.2.1. We hope that speaks well for the stability of the product! This release is a role up of minor bug fixes that have been applied to the 2.2 branch since 2.2.1. Our goal is to limit the 2.2 branch to bug fixes only, no new functionality – so that we keep it stable. With the FreePBX® 2.3 Beta program quickly approaching, we wanted to do some house keeping and get this out to all of you so we can concentrate on moving forward.

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Ok all - there were a couple of glitches so if you hit this release REALLY early, here is what you may have run into. Note, the windows of opporunity for anyone to hit either of these were very small so no worries, you are probably fine.

First issue, I had to redo the tarball because the version of install_amp that had the 2.2.2 info hadn’t gotten checked in before the tarball was roled. If you ugpraded within hours of the release, and your system still says 2.2.1, that is the issue and you should pull the new tarball.

The next issue was the release of the new ivr and voicemail modules. These had a tag on 2.2.2 which exposed a bug in the core logic. This does not create any issues as there aren’t any modules right now using that so it will be addressed later. To fix this, the two modules were bumped with the requirement changed so they would not need 2.2.2. They download fine now. However, if you had tried to download the ivr 2.5.14 or voicemail 1.6.3 and gotten the error, then your system will be stuck and unable to download the newest.

To rectify this problem, you can just remove the modules:

mv /var/www/html/admin/modules/ivr /tmp
mv /var/www/html/admin/modules/voicemail /tmp

and then go back and download them again.

again - this probably does not effect anyone, but just incase, here is the info.