Freepbx3, Freeswitch, Vicidial, Call Centres

I am looking for a call center application, and I am also developing some call software using Asterisk and Freeswitch.

For the call center part I am considering Vicidial but I wonder whether the built in functionality of Freepbx is sufficient for most needs.

I also see that Freepbx3 contains support for both Asterisk and Freeswitch and as a developer I am leaning more towards Freeswitch because of its Windows capability and its designe elegance although Asterisk has more support at the end user side.

Now for the $64,000 question, FreePBX 3 has Asterisk, Freeswitch and PHP’s Kohana framework (I might end up loving PHP again). Does it have good enough call center functionality to scratch all my developer itches?

Or should I integrate Vicidial and FreePBX 2 for practical reasons and learn FreePBX 3 on the side?

Is this better posted in the Development or FreePBX 3 forums? I don’t want to cross post

vfclists, in its current state is great if you have a developers itch, as its young and can molded any way you’d like. Grab the code and start poking around!

Thanks for your interest in the project. We don’t have call center support today but it’s a feature that’s in the works. You should check out the project’s new home at - all the developers have headed that way to continue working on the project. They are very responsive if you need help.