Freepbx17 - doesn't show chan_sip extensions in Asterisk Info

i have 2 new NUCs - installed FreePBX 17 2 weeks ago before RC1
i did NUC1 with asterisk V20 to keep my chan_sip stuff - works fine
NUC2 i did with V21, tried to convert to pjsip, but problems
rebuilt NUC2 from scratch yesterday, downgraded to V20, restored same backup
extensions are all there, a mixture of chan_sip & pjsip
but Asterisk Info only shows pjsip extensions, nothing anywhere for chan_sip
install was the same as NUC1?

Can you please ensure you have all the proper chan sip as mentioned in below wiki -

If still you can not see then please raise issue at github for us to debug further.

restarting asterisk solved the problem

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