FreePBX16 return code 500 Voicemail rest-app

On Aastra (Mitel) 6867i if the “play” button on a visual voicemail message is pressed, there’s an error message popup “cannot display”. The issue is since we upgraded FreePBX to version 16:

The server’s http access log throws error 500. Checked the voicemail msg_id (it matches the one in the URL). - - [18/Jan/2022:08:32:48 +0000] “GET /applications.php/voicemail/main?linestate=IDLE&user=958&token=f8fded7b-61ae-478b-b26a-0137cccaf2b2&ignoreselection&action=play&selection=&app_msg=1642494657-00000004&app_auser=958&&app_token=f8fded7b-61ae-478b-b26a-0137cccaf2b2 HTTP/1.1” 500 113805 “-” “Aastra6867i MAC:00-08-5D-66-8D-BF V:”

Does someone have the same issue? Maybe on other phones as well?
Opened [FREEPBX-23242] Whoops\Exception\ErrorException count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable - Sangoma Issue Tracker

If I navigate to the voiceapps via browser using the request URL, I get an error about the “count” parameter: “count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable”

Unfortunately I cannot check the content of /var/www/html/admin/modules/restapps/modules/voicemail/apps.php Line 600 because the php script is encrypted by Ioncube.

FreePBX Distro:
Asterisk 16.8
FreePBX16 Framework
Phoneapps 16.0.21

I’m not aware of any issues with the Phone Apps. If module maintenance is current you have access to free support:

The problem has been fixed in restapps version (edge)
Anybody who is concerned, please upgrade the module from edge:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade restapps

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