FreePBX15 w/ Flowroute SIP Trunk Incoming Calls

We have used Flowroute for years as a backup provider using a SIP trunk (pjsip).

Today we noticed that calls were still going outbound, but all inbound calls were failing.

I tried removing and recreating the pjsip trunk and had the same results. Clearly it was authenticating properly because it was able to place calls out through the trunk, but when I turned on debugging it seemed as though incoming calls were failing to register properly.

If I turn on “Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls” as well as “Allow SIP Guests”, then the incoming calls work; but isn’t this a huge security vulnerability? What am I missing here?

Where is Flowroute routing inbound calls to? IP address, registration, URL ?

I suggest you use TLS for security.

Flowroute Inbound Route

Host ourdomain : 5060 (domain is our domain)
Inbound edge strategy US-East-VA

Using IP destinations shouldn’t attempt ‘registration’.

If this fixes the problem, the registration is working, but your Match/Permit settings don’t exist, or don’t cover all the addresses from which they can send.

According to

you should have seven address blocks in your Match/Permit settings (subject to any size limits in FreePBX).

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