FreePBX15: commercial repo button is missing

Hi Team,
I have a fresh FreePBX15 installation on CentOS 8.1 (not a distro).
For some strange reason, button “Commercial” in the list of repositories is missing after clicking on “Check online”:

When I am trying to enable it in CLI, it produces the following output:

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma enablerepo commercial
Getting Remote Repo list...Done
Repo commercial successfully enabled, but was not found in the remote list

Installation and upgrade from other repositories work correctly both from Module Admin and fwconsole. The only issue is the unavailability of the commercial repository.

Could you please advise where to dig next?
Thank you.

Hi @Pentium5 Commercial modules are only supported on the FreePBX Distro platform.

Please refer to :

Thank you. In FreePBX 13 and 14 commercial repository was available (though the module themselves were indeed supported only in Distro).
Did the behaviour change in FreePBX 15?

IMHO, It shouldn’t have worked in any non-distro system. The fact that it did isn’t a flattering bit of information for the development team and should have, rightly, been considered a bug…

What php version? Doesn’t CentOS8 default to 7.2?

The Commercial repo is still displayed as long your running php5x. Theoretically you can jump through multiple unsupported hoops to get sysadmin running on a non-distro php 5x machine and actually use the modules. Even on a Debian build, the commercial repo displays if using php 5.6.

If it isn’t php 5x the system appears smart enough to know there isn’t a chance in hell of using the commercial modules and doesn’t pretend they could be available.

Surprised Sangoma gives up the advertising opportunity.

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Exactly. So, the issue is clear now - it is not a bug in FreePBX 15, but a bug in previous versions where this button was visible…

Arguably not a bug Technically it can be made to work.

Also no different than 13 or 14 - exactly the same behavior. It’s just it was damn near impossible to run anything other than php 5.x before 15

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