Freepbx14 vulnerabilities part 2

It is continue for Freepbx14 vulnerabilities
I was created ticket, but nothing info from 12.12.2019, except " Sprint: Sprint 18!, Sprint 19!, Sprint 20, Sprint 21"
Can anybody tell me what is “sprint” mean?
And how long time needed to fix vulnerabilities with score 10? :frowning:

A sprint is used internally to plan development work for the coming sprint period. Ideally, if a task is scheduled for a sprint, it will be completed during that sprint. The reality is that there is more to do than what can be accomplished in a sprint, so the task is moved to the next sprint.

ok. But please, tell me - how long time (sprint?) needed to fix vulnerabilities with score 10?

Sorry about the trouble. That issue has been blocked due to some internal reasons and does not have a definitive ETA on it, although we’re working hard to try to get it unblocked.

Matthew Fredrickson

A Sprint is a period of time in an Agile Development Model. There is no time period associated with a sprint; it is a program development lifecycle period. The fact that the sprint is blocked (as @mattf pointed out) means that development in this sprint was put on hold until the Requirements that makes it so that the process can continue can be satisfied.

The fact that they are in specific sprints is a good thing and tells you (as a user) that they are working on it actively (at least, as actively as they can). There are other phases in the lifecycle that mean that the project is sitting waiting.

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