FreePBX14 Raid Install Issues?

I installed FreePBX14 to a dual HD server. In System Admin I’m not seeing any signs of raid and at the root level I see the following:


So did the raid install take?

Its been my experience ( a few 14 installs) that if the raid is not showing in System Admin, there is no RAID.

When you installed the system, did you choose the advanced option?

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Did you use mdraid, or the raid is hardware based?

with /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, it will be a ‘software’ raid

Raid install worked for me as mentioned above.
My spare server’s Mobo is kinda cheap, it has no onboard raid.

I chose the Full Install mode. It’s very odd. I’ve installed numerous FreePBX 13 installs with Raid using the Full Install process for the distro and it’s worked every time. I’m wondering if I need to go back and set up the raid now from the command line.