i was installed freepbx 2.8 and web-meetme 4.0.2 for creating the conference bridge. but the problem is freepbx is not intigrated vth web-meet me .how can we integrate freepbx with web-meetme .
errors:while we are inviting the users into the conference room it is showing the “error correction in manager”.
and ‘there is no users in confere room’ ?

please help me?

If you are getting manager connection errors your web meet me Asterisk manager username and password does not match the one you have configured in Asterisk or the FreePBX API screen.

i want to create the conference bridge b/w the i want some suggestions.
is there any possibilities .without using freepbx to create the conferences in web-meetme only through asterisk .if it is possible .plz say the procedure.

thank u…

plz say the procedure?

What kind of question is that?

You want help with something that has nothing to do with FreePBX.

Web-meetme has nothing to do with FreePBX so I am sure you can run it with just Asterisk.

Here is the link to the project home page, looks like it hasn’t been updated in about a year.

If you install the RPM on your system it has documentation on how to setup.

You will need to install Asterisk first.

What operating system are you running?

o.s centos 5+
and asterisk 1.6+
web-meetme 4.0.2

previously i’ve asked about web-meetme and is cleared that it is possible that asterisk and web-meetme can work with out freepbx.ok,then how the asterisk should integrate with web-meetme and what are the configurations that have to be done and where to be done.

So the title of your thread is FreePBX, this is a FreePBX forum and you want help with Web Meet me ?