FreePBX/Yealink BLF Intercom Behavior

Hi - have a question about BLF configuration and a behavior i’m seeing which i’m not sure how to fix.

FreePBX 13 - about 10 extensions all Yealink T46G.

All Yealink hotkeys are set to BLF (Office 1, Office 2, Office 3 etc…)

In FreePBX, Extensions>Advanced>Internal Auto Answer set to ‘Intercom’, Intercom Mode set to ‘Enabled’

As expected, when pressing a BLF key on the Yealink the dialed extension is intercom’d and auto answers.

The problem I am having is that if I am sitting in ‘Office 1’ and I press ‘Office 2’, but no-one is there, when I then press ‘Office 3’, instead of paging Office 3, the system instead connects Office 2 and Office 3 together, and shuts me (Office 1) out of the call.

I should note that this happens when pressing one BLF key after another, if I hang up in-between all is ok - its just not that natural when you are paging around trying to locate someone :slight_smile:

I am sure there is a simple explanation/fix but I cannot fathom it.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you

This is expected behavior. Pressing a BLF when the phone is idle initiates a dial to the BLF destination. Pressing a BLF when the phone is in use initiates a transfer to the BLF destination.

Thank you Lorne! Any way to trigger a hang-up with original party when pressing another BLF?

In the phone, you could set Features -> Transfer -> Transfer Mode Via Dsskey to New Call. Then, when you press the second BLF key you will indeed be connected to Office 3. But the call to Office 2 would be left on hold and after hanging up you’ll hear reminder beeps about that call.

Even if you could do it, it’s IMO not a good idea to disconnect a call when a BLF is pressed. Murphy’s law says you’ll have a customer on the line when that happens.

Yes - I see what you are saying.

Probably best for me to not try and make a 2018 ip phone act like a 1998 panasonic.

Thanks for your help!!! :slight_smile:

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