FreePBX won't hang up incoming calls after FritzBox

Hi guys,

I’ve managed to install FreePBX after a fritzbox that is getting the PSTN calls from my fixed line. The fritz is configured as a sip-trunk in my asterisk and pretty much everything is working. The fritzbox when receive a call from the fixed line is forwarding the call to my ring group, and viceversa.

I’ve got one problem though. When I place a call from any of my sip phone through the fritzbox everything is working as it should, but when I get a call via the fritzbox then through asterisk and to the phone I’m not able to hang up the call. It remain the call open.

The logs from the asterisk console are exactly the same for incoming and outgoing calls only the “standard” context is changing… one is “from-internal” and the otherone I don’t remember now.


sounds to me like a CPC disconnect issue. Either not being sent or not being interpreted by the gateway.