Freepbx won't boot Minimal BASH like line editing is supported

I was setting up a used pbxact uc40 for my inlaws. Had it up and running fine, this morning he said it was noisy and he restarted it. Now it doesn’t boot up. Of course I don’t have backups because I was don’t setting up the IVR and final programming yet. Is it possible to get it going again?
I had him put a monitor on it. It says Minimal BSH-like editing is supported.

You need to repair your grub, look for a 'grub repair live ’ type image (grub happens before your OS kicks in)

I don’t know what happened but it’s working now. I did have to manually reinstall some modules, like userman and I forget the other one. Seemed like there might be some corrupted files. You better believe I setup a backup now! But when I tried to save the job it gave a crontab error. I did get the job to run. Is there a way to like reinstall all the modules to make sure everything is good?

I would be concerned that the disk hardware is dying.

My suspicion is that the noise was the disk doing repeated recalibrates because it failed to find the desired cylinder.

I’m not sure that the display is simple failure to load the operating system or whether you have managed to type in the key (probably “c”) that puts grub into mode that allows you to enter commands to the loader. The latter would fix itself if you reset the machine, but wouldn’t explain the noise.

The message in your subject is a help message, not an error message. It’s telling you about what you can do with the keyboard.

It might have gone into that mode because it couldn’t even read its configuration file from the disk.

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