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Hello everyone, I would like a clarification on the functionality speech without purchasing the licenses. If I used freepbx without purchasing a license which features are active? On the site there are only the license packages I cannot find a part that explains the limits of using the free license of freepbx;

The purpose is for commercial use but we want to evaluate the product and understand gradually what to do and then I would like to initially understand what are the functions that are activated with freepbx without a license if there is a link that explains it would be better so far I have not found it .

Another freepbx question is the solution that integrates asterisk and graphical interface. So from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), if you buy the licenses, the asterisk features are activated. If the above is true, can all the functions of asterisk be managed without freepbx? I apologize for the question but it is fair to understand I am a beginner

FreePBX activation does not cost anything. And you would need it to use commercial modules at any point.

The commercial modules give you a GUI to use for things like outreach or reporting, but are not the only way to have that functionality. You can program Asterisk directly to achieve similar functions, just no GUI (unless you program that too).

In my mind there is no reason to not activate FreePBX, since there is minimal risk and no commitment.

Start in the wiki here

Note the section for "Standard Modules’ which are free, OSS modules available for all FreePBX installs. There is also a “Commercial Modules” section which outlines all available commercial module features. Commercial modules require system activation as a minimum, and many require that you pay for them. Some are available for a free trial, and some are free to use without paying for licenses.

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Surely the goal is to buy the modules but we are in the testing phase and therefore before buying you have to buy and train. Ironically I wanted to ask the question if it was possible without freepbx to manage everything from asterisk for free was to understand the system. It’s a bit like when you have hosts and you manage them through the client vsphere but if you don’t use the vcenter you don’t activate all the functions such as clusters etc. etc. I wanted the picture of the situation anyway thanks for the intervention

Ok Thanks

Please bear in mind commercial modules are only supported on the Distro. Not sure you will be able to buy the commercial modules if you have installed on Debian etc.

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