Freepbx with Teams + audiocodes SBC FreePBX

We have Teams accounts for critical management and a slew of common area phones that are currently on Skype for business that needs to go sooner or later. Have been playing with AD/Use management, DID and etc. and these seems to work out well.

At the moment if I create a Ext using the “ipphone” 1234 attribute and use IVR direct dial this works. With the Teams phone as set in follow me 321123# I can get a call to the external phone fine under follow me ext function.

Is there a way to create the follow me for these ext from lets say a AD attribute?

SBC Routed DID Calls = _218321XXXX
( these are working perfect to call and external SIP number and have it land at an Ext with the same last XXXX )

Teams# = +12183211234 )
PBX Ext = 1234 ( works with IVR)
Follow ME = 3211234# ( works with IVR but would have to edit 100’s of users )

Or is there a better way to attack this from.

Hi Jacob

I can’t help with your question; but I would be interested in how you have this setup and working. Keen to do the same for us.


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