FreePBX with Snom phones

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has anyone experiences FreePBX with Snom Phone Systems? I want to know how Snom phones (D3XX, D8XX, DECT M900) are provisioning to FreePBX that is running remotly in a datacenter. For provisioning Snom device we would like to use the Endpoint Manager.

Question is: Do we need an SBC for that or is an SBC not necessarily required?

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SBC is typically not needed for provisioning phones.

I don’t have any experience with Snom phones but if they can be provisioned using HTTP(s) or FTP, which Endpoint Manager/FreePBX support then you simply provide the phones with the URL to fetch the configuration files from.

Ah ok thanks! Yes Snom phones can this :slight_smile:

Reason for question is that in a company that has a NAT firewall with only one public Internet IP Adress we run into issues by using another PBX. So for that we had to use an SBC at that time.

I don’t understand how the SBC would be a solution to a NAT for phone provisioning but having NATed phones download the configuration files through HTTPs has never been a problem for us.

Hi @dobrosavljevic

we have a lot experiences with another pbx where we have snom phones in a ringing group where some of them does not ringing and so on. Additional to that we had to disable SIP ALG in the firewall, open ports there and so on. A lot of trouble i can remember.
The solutions at that time was to install an SBC at customer side. After that it worked.

But sounds very good that we dont need that by using FreePBX! :slight_smile:

So those problems don’t really sound like provisioning issues but rather SIP/RTP problems that you will probably also need to handle in some form or fashion with FreePBX as well. There is no way around not having the correct networking configuration between your phones/trunk and phone system in place.

Yes you´re right! This were SIP/RTP issues and the solutions was to setup an SBC.

So did you notice any SIP/RTP issue with FreePBX that you solve with an SBC?
In which scenario is an SBC needed?

We don’t use an SBC with any of our deployments but again that doesn’t mean we didn’t need to make sure that our firewall and NAT settings aren’t setup/configured correctly for everything to work well.

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thanks for the info

We are a Snom partner and have a bunch of FreePBX/Snom deployments out there…both on premise and hosted deployments.

D785 and lots of M900s with M80s

Zero issues, lots of ring groups, no SBC, everything runs great

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