FreePBX with Sangoma SBC VM - Setup questions

In a LAB environment I have made a setup of a FreePBX and Sangoma SBC VM, as pictured here:


In the FreePBX the trunk to the SBC (To-SBC) is showing as registered:

The Trunk from the SBC to the ITSP is showing as connected in the Sangoma SBC:

Notice the NOREG Status in the SBC for the trunk towards the FreePBX.

The SBC is configured according to the settings found in this pdf
FlowRoute trunk in the Sangoma SBC

Softphones can make calls internaly successfully.
When trying to establish a call from one of the Softphones to an external connection over the Trunks, this is rejected with “service unavailable” message.

What should be the settings in the FreePBX and the SBC for the trunk between them?

Easiest way is to place a call, and post the logs here

After some troubleshooting, both outgoing and incoming calls are working.
Especially the incoming external call issue took some time to solve, as the configuration to make this work, is different than documented in the FlowRoute pdf linked in the opening post.

On incoming external calls over the SBC , the external call leg between ITSP and SBC, the callee is simply the dialed number.
Following the documented call routing plan for incoming external calls, on the internal call leg between SBC and FreePBX, this callee is replaced by the registration account used for registering the SBC with the trunk towards the ITSP.
Reason for this replacement is the Call routing plan on the external call leg in the SBC, as pictured here:

The Destination Address and $1 reference in the regex above refer to the ITSP trunk registration account, as pictured in this Wireshark Voip Call overview screen:

See picture.

After changing the regex for the beforementioned Call Routing plan into the one pictured here…

…incoming external calls are succesfully processed by FreePBX.

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