Freepbx with S500 phones BLF and pickup issue

Hi All, I have a fresh installation of freepbx with S500 phones. I’m trying to set up BLF on severals phones for a extension.
So I set up it on EPM and set BLF / A name / Extension number.
The phones are ok with firmware and everybody is seeing the status of the monitored extension.
The goal is to do pickup on this extension. But when they press the corresponding BLF key when it’s in state ringing, a new call is make for this extension and not a directed pickup.
Did I miss something as I believed this is the default behaviour as mentionned here :

Thanks for any help

If you are having one common line that you want many endpoints to be able to answer, you have a few options.
There are queues and ring groups to look at to see if they will meet your need.

Another option is to do a PJSIP extension, then register that extension as a second account on all of your S500s. You could then do what you are describing, setting the BLF to “Account 2”.

If you think you might need to pass the call between phones (answered on phone one, then phone 2 needs to take the call), you would need to implement call parking.

This is not the behaviour that we want. There is a phone, allocated to general standard for the company with somebody assigned to it, but from times to times, this person have to quit. So we wan’t that some people around this phone, be able to pickup the incoming calls.
Hopping this is clear.

It sounds like you want to be able to answer this line from other peoples phones, when they choose.

How I would recommend doing this is making the General Standard phone a PJSIP extension. PJSIP extensions can be registered to multiple phones.

To me it sounds like you need to add this phone as a second account to any phone you would like to be able to answer the call.

The end result is there would be a button that lights up (and rings, if you want) when the General Standard phone is getting a call. The user could push that button and they would get the General Standard call on their phone.

In fact, I just want to be able to pickup call, I do not want to setup a second line on phones.
I do not understand why pickup doesn’t work as specified in documentation

This is what Directed or Group Call Pickup is for. You don’t need to have everyone’s extensions registered by multiple devices. That said, the Sangoma decided that their BLF keys can do multiple things if you have a short or long key press. That basically requires you to train people to have to press their key for one full second to do the Directed Call Pickup as long as you have ** programmed in the Long Press Ringing option.

Quick presses of BLF keys will trigger something completely different so like I said, you have to train people.

Hi Tom,

Just tried this tips. I forced the ** on the long press in ringing state. This had no effect, nothing’s happen when I try to intercept a rining line.

And you’re pressing the key for at least 1 full second?

yes, from the first ring until the call fall in the mailbox. more than 1 second

Addon : I added the functionality “BLF Long Press Idle State Open Edit Button Screen”. If I press for more than 1 secs the button while the other line is ringing, it’s opening this edit screen.
It’s seems that the BLF button - while it’s flashing to indicate a call - does not see that the line is no more in idle state… The same when the line is busy : it’s opening the edit screen

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