Freepbx with polycom vvx 410 & 411

Is there any template for deploying 20 vvx410 or 411 - Polycom phone in an easier way that from each one GUI?

I wonder if I can do that with Free End point.

The Commercial EPM does it. I think the OSS EPM does too.

They should both support the VVX series.

Commercial EPM does not support VVX 411

Really? I have numerous 411’s, 501’s and 601’s running off the EPM. The 401/411, 301/311, 501, 601, etc. are updated models but in hardware only. Sure there might be a couple options missing since the 401/411 have an extra hardware feature on them but outside of that the actual configs are the same.

So you can use the existing VVX templates in EPM without issue on the newer models. Like I said the only real difference is the 401/411’s have a USB port vs the 400/401’s not having a USB port. If for whatever reason you need to USB port configured, you can make the minor adjustments via the Basefile Edit option.

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is there a way it would work with free endpoint manager?

Does the OSS EPM have templates for the VVX series? It allows the templates to be edited from what I recall.

some says it does support the other says no - I wonder how is that with VVX 411 phones