Freepbx with other server Configuration

Hello everyone,
I’m new in freePBX, and i have a problem with some configurations :
like in the architecture bellow my FreePBX must communicate with another server (school server), with this connection i would be able to do some paging from the IP Phone to the speakers.

With other pbx i was using Gateway(with 3CX) or Trunk(with Cisco) to do it.

In my case i don’t need to go out of my network so i don’t need a provider, do i need to use a trunk ??

Not really. You will need occasional Internet access for updates and time synch.

Depending on how the “Equinox 2” interfaces, you might be able to do it all with Extensions. If the E2 connects via a trunk (it has its own extensions) you might need a trunk - the E2 will decide.

Bear in mind that new E911 requirements may force you into getting a E911 provider for the phones - check with your local school board and EMS.

I think you misread his issue. He is only wanting to interface to a paging system. At least that is how I read it.

Get a Snom PA-1 or Cyberdata SIP Paging Adapter. They will program in FreePBX as an extensions and provide various output types for you to connect to the existing paging hardware.

If the Equinox can receive multicast, or can be connected as a SIP extension, you could interface directly without an adapter.

Yeah, except that he’s using phones that could be misconstrued as phones, not paging speakers. He needs to check with his school board and EMS to see if his jurisdiction is going to make him make 911 available.

What? Nothing in this post insinuates anything of the sort.

He has a phone system that he is trying to interconnect to a paging system. Nothing more or less.

Is there another thread with more details? With only this thread as context, I am assuming that the phone side of things is working fine, that would include 911.

Equinox can receive unicast and can’t be connected as a SIP extension.

with other system i was able to dial per exemple “7200” the “7” is to tell the pbx to go thru the equinoxe and the “200” number of the speaker.

Sounds like you had extensions setup on the gateway.

You need to provide more details. There is not enough information here, unless someone else with that paging system sees this.

equinoxe output configuration
DID value. The DID is the number needs to be sent by the Freepbx to the
equinoxe Trunk to access the station in inbound.
DOD value. The DOD needs to be the extension of a valid VOIP phone in
the network. This VOIP phone is going to ring when the station is calling.

equinoxe voip setup page :
username and password of the equinoxe that will be used in the freepbx
ip add of the ippbx

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