FreePBX with Office365 Modern Authentication (for calendar module)

Hi guys,

We have recently started using the calendar module in FreePBX where we can match time conditions on a calendar event.

We have currently added an Outlook calendar to the PBX and upon checking, FreePBX only supports basic authentication for Office 365 logins.

Whilst this is not an issue yet, in October 2022 Microsoft will be disabling basic auth for all tenants with the exception of SMTP Auth.

This can be found in the following article:

I’m just wondering if Sangoma/ the FreePBX team are planning to upgrade the PBX to support modern authentication methods in 365 so that we can tie the PBX with a tenant ID/ client ID/ API Permissions and a secret?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is a ticket on this yet, so please file a feature request here

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So the module uses php-ews by James Armes which seems to be abandoned. There is a fork which may be drop in place. It supports oauth so that may be the route to go. The front end would just need adjustments to handle the oauth stuff.

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