FreePBX with FOP2 DAHDI Channel issue

Hello every one.

I’ve posted at fop2 forum a problem. I’m using fop2 freepbx based system (trixbox).

" I’ve 5 DAHDI extensions and 2 DAHDI trunks at openvox A800.
When I call to external number, the trunks button was red, show “used” and show the destination number correctly. But the caller extension (DAHDI extension), for example, DAHDI/1 doesn’t show any status, it continues green and available.
I’m using frePBX based system.
What configurations should I’ve to do, to show the status of DAHDI extensions ?
In my concept only getting the line tone by DAHDI extensions, the FOP2 should show as used, right?"

And the fop2 admin reply me, that freepbx write at database, DAHDI channel as ZAP channel, and I must modify it to get fop2 working perfectly. So, as I see, it can be created as an alias. right?
I’m putting the reply, maybe someone can help me.

“I have seen FreePBX installations where DAHDI extensions are saved in the database as ZAP. The fop2admin module will inherit what it is saved on the FreePBX tables for those extensions. I am sure your problem has to do with that, you will have to update the tables so those extensions are saved with the DAHDI device instead of ZAP. Or you can manually edit just the fop2buttons table, as I really do not know if you can break things on freepbx if you alter the devices table by hand doing that change.”

Thanks a lot. Any suggest will be appreciated a lot.

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