FreePBX with Cisco SPA50XG phones

I am looking for others with this setup to share configurations with. For instance how do you have your soft buttons and line appearance buttons set up?

For me I have line appearance buttons as follows on a SPA504G

Call Park Pickup
Other extension
Other extension

Ext - Current extension number
Call Park Pickup - Call park 71 line appearance and pickup if pushed
Other extension - Another extensions line appearance and intercom if pushed

As far as soft buttons I have the following on the idle screen.

redial | lcr | dnd | pua

redial - Redials numbers you have called.
lcr - Redials the last number to call you.
dnd - Do not disturb.
pua - Pick up any calls ringing but not on your phone.

Just looking for how other people have their stuff setup. Would like to collaborate with others.