FreePBX with Asterisk?

I need to set up FreePBX with Asterisk. Do I simply install it on the FreePBX server?

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Install FreePBX ISO, It will auto install asterisk.

Thanks for the quick response.
Just out of curiosity, would you choose FreePBX over Elastix? I’m upgrading our phone system, it’s running a very old version of Elastix. I’m not sure whether to keep Elastix and update it, or just go with FreePBX standalone.

Elastix used to be a popular Asterisk+Freepbx distribution, but the project was abandoned. The brand Elastix was sold to 3cx, a different PBX software developer.

So if you want to upgrade, you need to abandon Elastix.

Developers formerly involved in Elastix recently got together and started a new open source branch called Issabel with Freepbx (11 or 12?) and Asterisk.

But the easiest way for you to stay current with Freepbx versions in the future is to install the Sangoma Freepbx distro: