FreePBX with Asterisk and Cisco 7960 phones

Brand spanking newbie with some success getting things working. I have a general question over how the FreePBX setup, Asterisk sip.conf/extensions.conf and Cisco 7960 onboard configurations relate to one another. When using these together where should I be setting the line and extension configuration? In other words, do I set configuration information in only one place or in all three?

Is FreePBX supposed to read information from my sip.conf and extensions.conf file because right now it doesn’t seem to be doing that?

Thanks for helping

When using FreePBX you don’t want to edit those files directly. You create extensions in the GUI. If you are changing those files directly and expect that to show up in FreePBX, you have it exactly backwards.

As to the 79XX Cisco phones, check out google. You’ll want to learn about xml files and such.

Thanks, that is exactly the type of information I needed. I have been googling my brains out and have almost all the pieces together.