FreePBX with an external Mysql Server

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Hello. It doesnt work. Anybody tested it? page.cdr.php doesnt look to amportal.conf.

You do this now in advanced settings through the GUI

In GUI I can not write any information. The fields are not available to fill.
All changes I made in /etc/amportal.conf file.

That file is not used or read from. It will not help you to change those settings there.

You need to turn on show read only settings and override read only settings

Do you know where I can make changes?

Advanced settings page.

You might also have a browser compatibility issue if you’re using FireFox - this is a bug in FF and their browser is kinda crap right now compared to chrome and even IE/Edge.

I try to use FireFox, Chrome, IE. And I have no results.

Anybody tested this functional.