FreePBX Windows 10 USB Installation - An unknown error has occured

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I am installing FreePBX on to a Dell Latitude E5470 which has Windows 10 however was previously Windows 7. I created a bootable drive using Rufus and am installing FreePBX via that way.

Every time at the same spot it produces “An unknown error has occurred”

This is happening at the “Installing glib2 (102/726)” installation stage. Any ideas as to why this would be happening?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Just created this account, not sure if it should be under General Help or Installation / Upgrade.


Possibly the ISO download was corrupted; check SHA256 or MD5 against the value at

Or, perhaps the flash drive is somehow bad. Read it back to another file and check that its hash also matches.

If neither of the above, you’ll have to get more details about the error to see what is wrong.

(Harry) #3

Cheers will give it a try.

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