FreePBX Will not save network settings at all

Hello again. I am relatively new to FreePBX. I had posted before asking for help and advice. My boss had me make us a FreePBX system for our Stores phone systems, using Dell Optiplexs. We got the one for our main store up and running, its working fine, and we have no issues. He then tasked me with making one for our second store. Again using a Dell Optiplex and a AEX410 card. Everything was working fine, until about a week ago. I turned it back one to work on it more, and oddly, it was not getting an ip address. I have looked up online how to set the ip via Linux console commands. But no matter what, it doens’t seem to save them. I cannot access the GUI sometimes, since it does not keep the IP address. And when I do, it does not let me save the Networking Settings in there either. I have made a few attempts, nothing, the settings just revert every time I restart. It definitely recognizes the Ethernet port. Now when I log into the GUI it says cannot connect to Asterisk, and half the things are unassailable. Does anyone have any good advice, or might I have to reinstall the entire thing?

It sounds as if you are letting your network’s DHCP server set the address for your system. You can do this, but only if you assign an address in DHCP to the specific Ethernet card you are using on the system. If you do this, the BOOTPROTO parameter (see below) should be set to ‘dhcp’ and ONBOOT should be set to ‘yes’. Remember, if you use DHCP to assign the address, you need to make sure you set it as a static address in your DHCP server.

If you are not, you can view the Ethernet card settings by logging into the console and go to the directory there the eth0 and eth1 card definitions are (under the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory). Edit ifcfg-eth0 and you should see that the system has set up the Ethernet port configuration.

This file is modified by the sysadmin module, so if the module is unable to modify it, it could be a permissions problem. If you decide to edit it by hand (not recommended) you need to make sure the HWADDR, BOOTPROTO, ZONE, and DEVICE information are all correct. Assuming you get all of that set up correctly, you should be able to just use the system. If the settings are not correct, you need to make sure they get set correctly. This means going back to the sysadmin module and setting all of the options correctly there.

thanks, I tried editing the files via the nano program, they all looked fine as far as I can tell. I will give them another look over, but I could have sworn they are the same as they where before. is it possible that something else is making it not connect to them? :confused:

Show us. I can’t read your mind.

thank you charles Xavier. What do you wanna see, a picture taken with my phone? lol

Cool. Hope you figure it out.

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it isn’t letting me pen the network-scripts directory, it says its there when I type ls, but when I cd, it denies it.

Need more. Use “ls -al network-scripts” and make sure the permissions are “drwxr-xr-x” and that the directory is owned by “root” or “asterisk” (or maybe “_asterisk”)

I ended up just swapping out the HDD and reinstalling and redoing everything. No matter what the ip changes weren’t taking affect. it actually was pretty easy to redo everything.

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