Freepbx web gui timeout after clicking on asterisk phonebook. (Web Gui issue)


when login to web gui the sitte timeout as soon as you click on any tab i am testing phonebook of asterisk . all was working 100% but all of sudden it stop, the asterisk funtion still working and customer can make calls.

any suggestions on how to locate this error or to fix this.

Regards Tiaan vdm.

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Are you blocked out of the GUI completely or are you just accessing the web page, logging in, selecting the tab you care about, and after that the web page times out? Which module times out?

Hi davidg,

so i can log in and then as soon as i click on any tab/setting example admin module or asterisk phonebook it just timeout after a while (Just loading), is there a way to check what module is timing out as i don’t see any issues in httpd log.

Welcome to the community @tiaanvdm!

May I ask when this system was installed? FreePBX 2.5 is from 2008, you’re 11 major versions behind. It’s not feasible to support this system.

HI, @lgaetz , yes this is for an municipality, and i dont get an quick an smooth manual or document to upgrade the system to the lates. any suggestion would be apricated.
Do you perhaps have a step by step to follow in upgrading?

The time to ask about upgrading was 12 years ago.

It may be possible to bulk export and bulk import things like Inbound Routes (DIDs) or extensions, but at this point your upgrade plan will be to install a new 16 system, bring up both PBXs side by side and manually copy settings from one to the other.

I recommend you engage Sangoma support (link at top) or someone with experience to assist with a migration to a supportable install.


thank you, i will try to proceed with upgrade, for know how can i access the freepbx phonebook in cli to change speedial

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