FreePBX w/ using TLS

I am having issues setting up my FreePBX on using TLS. Unencrypted works fine but when I follow these two guides (TLS and SRTP - Phones - Documentation & I cannot get the FreePBX server to register with I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

2022-01-14 21_53_14-FreePBX Administration and 7 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

This is what the console is telling me:

[2022-01-14 22:20:32] WARNING[7974]: res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c:824 schedule_retry: VoIP.ms_Trunk: No response received from '' on registration attempt to 'sip:[email protected]:5061', retrying in '60'
[2022-01-14 22:21:04] ERROR[7974]: res_pjsip.c:4350 endpt_send_request: Error 320047 'No answer record in the DNS response (PJLIB_UTIL_EDNSNOANSWERREC)' sending OPTIONS request to endpoint VoIP.ms_Trunk
ucs*CLI> pjsip show registration VoIP.ms_Trunk

 <Registration/ServerURI..............................>  <Auth..........>  <Status.......>  <Last Reg..>  <Intvl>  <Next Start.....secs>

 VoIP.ms_Trunk/              VoIP.ms_Trunk     Rejected         Fri 22:34:14       60  Fri 22:35:14        6

 ParameterName            : ParameterValue
 auth_rejection_permanent : false
 client_uri               : sip:[email protected]
 contact_user             :
 endpoint                 : VoIP.ms_Trunk
 expiration               : 3600
 fatal_retry_interval     : 30
 forbidden_retry_interval : 30
 line                     : true
 max_retries              : 10000
 outbound_auth            : VoIP.ms_Trunk
 outbound_proxy           :
 retry_interval           : 60
 server_uri               :
 support_path             : false
 transport                :

SERIOUSLY all I needed to do was “fwconsole restart”!!! The guides are very confusing. Anyways I am in business with TLS for SIP!

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