FreePBX, vTiger & A2Billing

Hi all,

I have Freepbx and A2 Billing running on the same server, and vTiger running on another. The version of Asterisk installed with FreePBX is 10. the problem I have is that when using the click to call feature in vTiger I get the message the number you have dialled is not in service. This is while using the trunk that A2B has created for outbound calls.

When dialing the same number using the handset I can dial out fine, with a2b keeping tabs on the time of the call.

When I set the trunk in vTiger to from-internal I get asked for the PIN number (account number in a2b) and then the call will connect fine, but is not convenient to have to enter pin everytime a call is made.

Any help or advice much appreciated

Fixed it by setting Auto Set CLID to Yes in A2Billing