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I hope I’ve posted this into the correct discussion group.

I want to purchase a rack mountable system with “System Builder Plus”. My choice of appliance is the FreePBX 60 + System Builder Plus ($695 + $525 = $1220) or the PBXact 60 ($825) and it comes with System Builder Plus. At first glance it seems as if the PBXact is the way to go, however I was told that I need to purchase a support contract for the PBXact.

Could someone shed some light on this for me? What am I missing with one vs the other and which one would you choose?

Thanks for your responses.


Good Afternoon Michael,

With the FreePBX, you have the Freedom to pick and choose which modules you would like to add to your system. With the PBXact we do include many of those modules in the base level system, we do offer a couple of add-ons for Call Centers and for those that may, for some bizarre reason, choose to use a phone other than our Sangoma Phones. Additionally, with the Support Contracts on the PBXact, you will receive software updates 3-4 times a year; whereas with the FreePBX, you only receive software updates for the first year with the System Builder Plus, then have to renew each individual module in the bundle annually to continue receiving the software updates.

The better financial option is the PBXact in this case. One price for the Annual Support Contract, plus the ability to control cost by upgrading or downgrading your service level, still gets you all of the software modules and the software updates for that one price. PBXact renewal would cost you $375.00 for the Gold option, which provides some configuration support credit, as well as extends your hardware warranty every year you renew it; by comparison, the FreePBX will cost you $399.00 for a Base POMP plus approximately $250.00 to annually renew all of the modules for a total of around $650.00 to maintain annual software upgrades and a support contract.

As always though FreePBX does, in part, mean Freedom of Choice. You could choose to not renew those modules at all; but should you ever need to obtain software updates for any of those modules, you will be required to retroactively renew all of the years you have not paid in order to gain access to the current software updates for that module.

I think it’s a no brainer from a fiscal perspective…

Best of Luck with the Decision!

~ Jen

Hi Jen

Thanks for the quick response.

So, if I understood you correctly, I would purchase PBXact today for $825 which includes software updates for one year. In a years time (Dec 2017) purchase a one year POMPs for $375 and again in 2018, 2019 etc? BTW what does POMPs stand for?

I also noticed in the portal my current deployment number isn’t in there (when I look under the "PBXact POMPs tab). I’ll be moving my configuration from a registered Lap Top to the PBXact.


POMPs stands for Peace of Mind Packages

As far as Maint yes after 1 year on PBXact you pay a yearly POMPs to get updates to the system as a whole. With FreePXB you dont pay for upgrades but if you use Commercial Modules you have to pay a yearly maintenance to upgrade those commercial modules of 18% of the module price if over 100 and 30% if under 100.00.

Thanks for the clarification.

I guess the deployment ID gets added to the portal at time of purchase? Right now I can’t see the cost of renewing the POMPs.

Also, are there any package deals if I decide to go with PBXact and a FXO / FXS card? Perhaps I should contact the sales department at Sangoma?


Yes please contact sales and they can work with you.

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