FreePBX/VoIP Newbie Question

Hi All,

With the help of a consultant we’ve migrated to FreePBX/VoIP from a traditional PBX and we run it locally within our network closet. Everything is up and operational within our office and I can successfully connect to the PBX from home using X-Lite Soft Phone client. I’m now trying to connect from home with an Aastra 6757i and I’m having a hard time. It boots up, grabs an IP/DNS/Gateway correctly. In the phone configuration I’ve left mostly defaults except the Proxy Server/Port, Outbound Proxy Server/Port, and Registrar Server/Port. For those I put in the IP/Port of the PBX at the office. Those are the same settings I use for the soft phone. I haven’t touched any of my local home router settings since the soft phone works fine. Any thoughts or suggestions?

So, I updated my ActionTec Router to disable SIP ALG and it looks like I’m successfully connected now.