FreePBX Voicemail with Cisco Call Manager (CUCM)


I have been researching online for a few days now and have not had much luck. I am looking into integrating FreePBX Voicemail with Cisco CUCM. I am currently running FreePBX 10/Asterisk 13 with CUCM 8.6. I have successfully created a SIP trunk between FreePBX and CUCM. I created extensions on both PBX’s and can call in each direction. Is there anyone out there that has this setup correctly? I’m hoping to also tie in the MWI light, and I believe that is done with a script. Hoping someone could provide some assistance with this.

I was able to figure this out. If anyone is interested, I following the below tutorial to get voicemail using FreePBX, while using phones registered to CUCM:

As for integrating MWI, I added this shell script here:


Can you provide more details on how you setup the MWI? I am following the same two links for VM and MWI, but the MWI part is not working for me. The externnotify script never gets calles out. Also even if I run the scipt manually… it does not call CUCM to turn the MWI on or off.


Hello, This is for the people who are still struggling to find a solution to use FreePBX as voicemail for CUCM. Here is the video that has all the details on the integration and the MWI works as well. com/watch?v=PjxkYmH9rP0