FreePBX VirtualBox on Windows 11 Performance

Trying to get a FreePBX virtual machine going on my main Windows workstation inside of VirtualBox for testing and development but the performance of the virtual machine during installation and once it’s fully installed is horrendous.

Installing from the latest official ISO and setting the VM up as Type: Linux and Version: either Other Linux (64-bit) or Red Hat (64-bit) doesn’t make a difference.

Installing the latest Debian from the official ISO just to test, with the same resources that I am trying to assign to the FreePBX installation, and the OS just flies.

I’ve got an AMD Ryzen 5 7600x processor running on this computer in case that’s making a difference.

Anyone else experience this and more importantly got it to work?

Got it figured out with help from this page: FIX: VirtualBox Running Very Slow in Windows 10/11. (Solved) - - Windows Tips & How-tos

For me the fix was removing the “Virtual Machine Platform” feature from Windows 11.

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