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What are the recommended server requirements for installing FreePBX on a virtual mchine, including CDR records, to support 1000 SIP connections?

It very much depends on your use case (transcoding, recording, concurrent connections, etc.) look at this for a general idea.

Certified FreePBX Appliances | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring


With those amounts of users, I think you are better off with a dedicated machine. (Run FreePBX on the metal) instead of running a Hypervisor. But the first responce will give you an idea of how much to resources you must provision from the resource pool if you go the VM way.

I disagree, there is much more flexibility afforded by using a VM. Expansion, contraction, recovery, etc.

Here are the specs for their biggest server.
(Sangoma PBXact 2001 UC Phone System (PBXT-UCS-2001))

We use vm on Google Cloud with 4-8 CPUs and 16-32 GB of RAM, but the Cel \ Cdr part is on a Mysql as Saas always on Google Cloud and 250 SSD disk. We have around 1500 registered extensions both Grandstream and Sangoma Phone with 90 Trunks to different providers. At peak we also have 200 conversations at a time

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