FreePBX version 15 Asterisk version 16 unreachable

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I am running both freepbx version 14 asterisk version 11 and FreePBX version 15 Asterisk version 16. In the earlier version I am able to reach the remote pbx. However with the latest version I am seeing the remote is unreachable. The new version has all the same login info as the older version has. Also, the new version is not seeing my extension.conf file

(Sergio Lobera) #2

Hi @dod1450 are you able to ping the remote host from the CLI ?

(Daniel) #3

yes it works ok with freepbx version 14

(Sergio Lobera) #4

But you have 2 different servers, one with FPBX14 and the other one with FPBX15, correct?
I know it’s working fine at FPBX14, but if you go to your FPBX15 server and you try to ping the other server, works ? Since this could be a route issue, or the ip can be banned at iptables.

(Daniel) #5

Iptables are the same for both systems I am able to connect to the remote via other ports

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