FreePBX + Vega 100G

Hi All -

Trying to connect my Vega 100G to FreePBX and struggling.

Discovering the gateway on my network does not work, even if I give it its exact IP. Manually adding it seems to find it just fine.

After adding it manually, I am continually alerted with an “Invalid Trunk Name” error, to which I cannot seem to find a solution. No matter what fields I fill in (in any form in any section), I am unable to create a trunk or a group or anything that I can apply to my 100G.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple and would appreciate a point in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

What is the trunk name you are trying to use, and does it match whatever the Vega is using?

I setup my vegas using this method. It Might help you work through the problem

Did you use our Vega config module in FreePBX that configures the whole vega for you?

Yes. I recreated the trunks (I have a 50G as well) and it connected briefly but I’m seeing constant connection issues in the config module.

Thanks for the link!

I read through that and will definitely make some changes and try again.

Hi Tony -

Yes, I tried the config module. It will not auto-discover my 100G, but will occasionally detect it if I put in the IP manually. I say occasionally because 80% of the time, it will fail to connect to my 100G. I am able to log into it via a browser and SSH, but the FreePBX gui cannot. For the 20% of the time it’s successfully logged in, I’ve gotten several errors in the gui, most frequently “DOWN” (and other times “send config failed”), despite the unit being up and reachable.

FWIW, it’s also unable to see my 50G, but I think that’s normal as the gui doesn’t support it, yes?


Vega 50 is not supported as its a old EOL product but Vega 100 for sure supports it. Are you on the latest firmware on your Vega 100G

Currently running VEGA_R120S005 on my 100G, which I believe is the latest.

If the 50 is EOL, what’s the new version of it?

I would contact support on your issue with the Vega 100G not working with the module so they can take a look. As far as Vega 50 all of our EOL listings with replacement products are outlined here

Hi Tony -

Thanks again for your response. I opted out of the support on my 100G and 50G, so I’ll likely have to figure it out myself.

I am, however, a little miffed that I was sold an EOL product and not told about its EOL status. I will definitely be contacting the sales rep regarding that.

Is the 60G supported in the FreePBX config tool?


Yes the Vega 60 is supported. You can always open a bug report in FreePBX for the Vega module for free and it will go through the normal triage process if it’s a module issue

So I got my Vega 60 and it works just fine in the config tool. My 100G still does not however.

My supplier is all but ignoring me since I opted out of the support plan.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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