FreePBX v13 download image is actually v14

I downloaded a v13 of FreePBX to install on our second Asterisk box. When I booted the USB it was version 14, not 13. That was the .iso from here:

I downloaded the “Historical (Legacy) 10.13.66-64bit” ISO.

So I tried the USB IMG of the same. It also contains v14 with Asterisk 13, 14 or 15.

I am trying to match our production machine which is currently sitting at Where can I find the actual v13 images?

Well that was a boneheaded thing on my part. I knew that something didn’t seem right. My USB flash drive was actually bad, and the one I was actually booting off of was plugged into the back of the machine, unbeknownst to me at first. It had version 14 etc on it which I had tried and decided not to use right now.



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I always imagine the computer thinking: “Really? OK, I’ll do that dumb thing you told me to do…”

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