FreePBX v13 + CentOS 7

Installed CentOS 7 over OpenVZ Container
installed the Freepbx v13 by
and everything is working well, now I just can’t Install the system admin Package
the error:
Please wait while module actions are performed
Installing sysadmin
/etc/schmooze doesn’t exist. Can’t continue
Error(s) installing sysadmin:
Failed to run installation scripts
Updating Hooks…Done

any suggestion?


Commercial modules are only supported in the distro on centos 6.x

any estimate for CentOS 7.x Support?


If this is not on the install Wiki for FPBX & CentOS-7, it should be… I’m going to have to wipe a new customer box and start from scratch because we went CentOS-7 and they’d like a couple of the commercial modules now. :confused: