FreePBX v 16 to configure for

Hello all - I just installed FreePBX v16 on a new server and I need help to configure it for Trunks and Routes.
I need to set up both the Inbound and Outbound routes but I don’t fully understand what to fill in on the GUI for Trunks etc.
I could use some samples or if I need to explain in more detail.
Thank you

You need to explain in more detail. Bandwidth has both a retail and a partner program, which one are you using? Are you using IP based auth or are you using registrations?

We are using IP based - no registrations.

We had a FreePBX v15 server running - but the server crashed…

Downloaded and istalled FreePBX v16 which was Activated sucessfully. I see the new version is using PJSIP in lieu of SIP. I went through each config for Trunk, Inbound and Outbound - it has the proper Public IP and the networks it will be serving.

I get a Registration OK from and the Bandwidth tech claims they see the server but nothing is getting in or out. Basically the identical server that was running before - except this is is PJSIP based.

There are a couple of blanks in the Trunks / pjsip tab I am not sure what to enter there. i.e. Username, Auth Name , Secret etc …

So … what I am looking for is some guidance on what info to fill in the blanks.

I did most of the other configs for our extensions, IVR, Voicemail, and User Control Panel but still cannot get Incoming or Outbound to work.

The server is installed on VM ware - just as the FreePBX we had that was working for 3 years.

If I left out something - please advise.

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