FreePBX using PSTN for inbound/outbound calls via CounterPath softphone

Hello all,

I am new to Free PBX and haven’t even downloaded/installed it since I am looking for a solution to a problem that a friend of mine needs help with. I’ve seen posts regarding using an SPA3102 device to use a landline for making and receiving calls. He lives outside the US and wants to have the ability to use a landline at his home to make and receive phone calls via his counterpath app on his iphone. I’m familiar with using counterpath with hosted voip providers, but haven’t setup a freepbx box before.

With just this SPA3102 can I give him this kind of setup where people can call his local number and it rings on his softphone/he can call people from his softphone and the call will initiate via the landline?

Thank you all for your help on this!

That is all covered, perhaps you should read the wiki here, then download and install it as your next steps .

And if his requirements are as simple as they look, then you wont need Asterisk nor FreePBX either, just point your iphone’s voip client at the 3102’s URI, add nat and routing rules as necessary on the network on which the 3102 is in.

Thank you for that info. As far as the 3102, I assume I can only use the 3102 for just one land line correct? If he were to want to add another land line it would require another 3102?

Of course, but you could generalize that to “more FXO’s” please read all the FM’s :slight_smile:

You can definitely do what you are wanting, but don’t use the 3102. That is very old hardware and nobody was ever able to fully solve the echo issues.

You’ll want to use either the Obi 110, the Grandstream GXW-4104, or one of the Sangoma Vega FXO Gateways. There are instructions for configuring the first two in the Wiki…